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Meet Our Team

Patrick Murphy, D.O, Courtyard Clinic ©

Patrick Murphy D.O.
Patrick Murphy founded The Courtyard Clinic in 2000 after qualifying from the College of Osteopaths in London. He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a Member of the British Osteopathic Association. Patrick and his fellow Osteopaths have built a successful clinic by providing a professional, empathic and caring approach to patient care, forging strong links with local GP's and Consultants, to ensure that the clinic has a truly integrated approach to patient care.

Patricks interest in Osteopathy grew after spending many hours being treated by Osteopaths for a whole range of injuries as a result of playing rugby. Having suffered from many of the problems commonly encountered in clinic, Patrick has a good understanding of how people feel when they are in pain and how Osteopathy can help.

Patrick saw me within a few hours of my phone call. I was in a great deal of pain and going away on holiday the next day. He was able to alleviate the pain, and on two subsequent visits remove it completely. I am so grateful.

I wish I had visited earlier. After months of suffering I am now no longer taking pain killers, am feeling very positive as I improve every week. Thank you!

All of the staff are professional, friendly and helpful. Patrick put me at ease straight away in my assessment, and then treated me. The difference was obvious to me almost straight away and my subsequent follow up visits have been good too.

Jamie Lauder, BSc (Hons) Ost. Med, Courtyard Clinic ©

Jamie Lauder BSc (Hons) Ost Med.
Jamie decided to become an Osteopath in order to pursue his interest in health, human anatomy and physiology. This interest was further developed after observing sports injuries suffered by team-mates whilst playing rugby and their subsequent treatment.

Jamie studied at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 2007 with a first class honours degree. As well as working as a practicing Osteopath, Jamie also gives lectures in principles, biomechanics and technique to students training to become Osteopaths.

Whilst treating the orthopaedic/musculoskeletal conditions popularly associated with Osteopathy, Jamie applies founding Osteopathic philosophies to improve patient's general health. Since graduating in 2007 he has seen patients with a wide variety of conditions, who've ranged in age from 96 years old to 5 weeks young!
Jamie is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

I was a patient of Jamie, nearly all my family go to the courtyard clinic. I found it very relaxing even though I had a painful shoulder/neck. Iím sitting at the table now free of pain. Many Thanks Jamie.

Fantastic treatment and explanations. I have recommended you to a number of others. I am now pain free, thank you so much.

I found the treatment I received to be excellent and remedy my condition within 2 visits. Much quicker than the NHS.

Milli Valentova, Courtyard Clinic ©

Milli Valentova
Milli qualifies as an Osteopath from the London School of Osteopathy in 2013 with a first class honours degree.

Alongside traditional osteopathic techniques, Milli is trained in Dry Needling. Dry Needling is similar to Acupuncture, but works directly on the points of muscular tension and spasm and can be an effective treatment for arthritis, nerve irritation and muscular or ligament strain.

Milli has a particular interest in and has completed advanced training in pelvic problems. She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

After a gradual loss of movement and increased pain in my back I am now as good as new after treatment. Thank you very much.

Brilliant service, Milli fitted me in at very short notice on a Saturday morning after waking up with chronic back pain. Absolutely brilliant service.

Very friendly and efficient. Treatment to suit the individual, would highly recommend.

I saw Milli who was very friendly and knowledgeable. She diagnosed what was causing me so much pain and explained how she could treat me. I walked in on crutches in a lot of pain. I left not needing them after just 1 session. I am continuing to see her and my condition is improving every time. I would highly recommend the Courtyard Clinic to my friends and family.

Karen Cumber, Courtyard Clinic ©

Karen Cumbers
Karen completed her diploma in Holistic Massage in 2009, followed by Deep Tissue Massage, On Site Seated Massage, Level 3 Sports Massage and more recently a BTEC Level 5 in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy.

She is a keen jogger and cyclist and regularly practises yoga.

Karen is a member of the CTHA.

Petra Kamarytova, Courtyard Clinic ©

Petra Kamarytova
Petra graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2014 and has since spent time volunteering as an Osteopath in Nepal.

She is currently studying for her Diploma in Pediatric Osteopathy. Petra is also fully trained to deliver OsteoMAP courses with aim to help people with long term chronic pain live a fuller life. (See 'how we can help' for more information)

She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

Jack Kirby, Courtyard Clinic ©

Jack Kirby
"I graduated from the University of Brighton with a 1st class honours degree having always known I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. My special interests lie with sports injuries and bio-mechanics due to my background in sport. I play football for my local town and am a keen golfer. I have spent time studying pressure analysis of the feet as the golfer swings.
As part of my training, I also spent time at Kings College Hospital and treating high risk diabetic patients with complex conditions. I have particular interest in the diabetic foot and this speciality will continue to form a key part of my continuing professional development (CPD).
In 2015 I formed part of the medical team for the London and Brighton Marathon. This involved caring for the feet after the gruelling distance, assessing and treating runners. While maintaining this core interest, I enjoy providing general podiatric care, which includes toe nail reconstruction and nail surgery."
More information on podiatric care

Should you wish to make an appointment, please either call The Courtyard Clinic on 01621 842750 or email us at info@osteopathmaldon.co.uk