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ĎI was very sceptical and nervous when a friend recommended me to Courtyard Clinic; like most people I didnít know much about Osteopathy. I was immediately set at ease by Jamie Lauder and I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made, which has been far beyond my expectations. When I limped into the clinic in March 2009 I presented Jamie with an array of problems for which I had had varying pain over 2 years, seen many specialists and had numerous operations. Jamie was able to quickly diagnose and treat my most pressing problems which were my neck and back. A True professional, Jamie insisted on getting to the root cause of all my problems and has spent much time treating my knee which was sending the rest of my body out of alignment. The treatment I have received at Court Yard Clinic has improved my quality of life immeasurably. Everyday activities such as walking upstairs were extremely painful and difficult. Jamie now has me walking up and down stairs normally with no pain. As I have found Osteopaths donít just treat necks and backs. At Courtyard Clinic the Osteopath looks at how your whole body is interacting and not just the function of one or two parts like most specialists. It is this knowledge which really makes the difference. The patience and understanding I have received has been outstanding. The improvement in my health has been far beyond the expectations of my consultants and I would recommend Courtyard Clinic to anyone.í
'Dear Patrick, Please except my thanks for the recent treatment you gave me for back pain that I have been experiencing since the birth of my triplets in 1996. This was caused by my pelvis being out of line and had remained undiagnosied by my GP. At times over the last 13 years this problem has caused me considerable and unbarable pain resulting in many missed days at work. Thanks to you, I am now totally pain free and havent had a days discomfort since my last visit. I only wish that I had come to see you years ago.'
Kim Pearse
'Dear Patrick, Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary, many thanks for all you have done for me. I don't know what I would have done without you.'
'Hi Patrick, you were correct in your diagnosis of Intermittent Claudication as the cause of my leg pain.I am currently en route to getting stents put in. Both my Doctor and Surgeon say well done for spotting what had been missed before (they saw your letter) so thanks very much and I will be in touch again soon.'